Rooftek staff trainingTraining is an area we take extremely seriously at Rooftek Advance, and it plays a vital role in helping ensure that the exceptionally high standards of workmanship we set ourselves are always attained.

We believe that everyone – no matter how experienced they are can benefit from ongoing training, and we require every member of our team – from our seasoned craftsmen through to our young apprentices to participate in regular training programmes. To make this possible, we’ve invested in creating a purpose-built training area at our premises in Reading. Here, we’re able to run regular workshops where our team get the opportunity to work with new materials and technologies, improving their skills and keeping pace with developments in our sector. This facility is especially valuable for our apprentices: By enabling them to get real, hands-on experience in a controlled environment under expert supervision, we’re able to give them a far higher quality of training than if they were only able to learn ‘on the job’.

Staff training at RooftekOur approach to training is not typical of our industry, but we’re committed to investing in continually honing the skills of our craftsmen, and nurturing new talent through the apprenticeship scheme. As well as focusing on training our own workforce, we make our facilities and knowledge available to staff from other businesses, in order to help raise overall levels of professionalism in our sector.


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