Walk on rubber roof tilesIf you have an accessible and load-bearing flat roof, we can help you turn it into a useful outdoor area that will extend your living space and add value to your property. Made from recycled rubber, eco-friendly Rubbertech Step Tiles sit on top of your flat roof, providing a great looking and hard wearing walkable surface for your roof terrace or balcony.

The 30mm thick tiles are easily installed without any adhesive. A simple locking system of 4 integrated connector pins secures the tiles to one another to prevent displacement or buckling, while allowing individual tiles to be easily replaced at any time. As well as being comfortable underfoot, the tiles add thermal insulation and reduce noise, for warm and quiet floors.

Rubber Terrace Root TilesVery low-maintenance and easy to clean, these high quality products are designed to give long life even in extremes of temperature. Drainage channels to the underside of each tile ensure the efficient displacement of rainwater, helping them maintain their excellent slip resistant and quick drying property, and making them a safer alternative to wooden decking.

Step Tiles are decorative as well as functional. They are available in a wide choice of colours for mixing and matching, enabling you to create a surface that’s individualised and fits in perfectly with the surroundings.



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