Guttering on flat roof extensionReplacing fascia boards, soffits and guttering can transform your home from the outside, and help to protect your property from the elements. These components are vital to the integrity of your roof, playing an essential role in preventing rain ingression which can result in damage to internal structures and decorative finishes.

At Rooftek Advance, our skilled roofing technicians can replace fascia boards, soffits and guttering to give you a smart new look that goes hand in hand with worry-free functionality. Our wide selection of roofline components have all been hand-picked by us for their quality and durability, and we have products to suit all styles of property.

Fascia boards & soffits

Mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of a house, fascia boards have to take the full brunt of the weather and support guttering. Soffits enclose and protect the underside of the roof edge, and can be fitted with a ventilation system to help increase airflow in a roof space, mininising the buildup of moist air which can lead to issues with damp. Because all our fascia boards and soffits are made from high quality UPVC, they won’t distort or discolour, giving you a long, maintenance-free life.



In a typical downpour, your guttering may have to deal with shifting several gallons of water in just a few seconds. An aging guttering system can look unsightly – but more worryingly, if it’s not functioning properly, it’s likely to lead to costly water damage sooner rather than later. Rooftek Advance can fit your home with a guttering system that will efficiently disperse all the rainwater the good old British climate can throw at it, and we can offer guttering in a choice of materials and stylish designs to blend in with any type of architecture.


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